Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Rim Jhim Rains....!!

It's Sunday today. After a long nap  I realized that I am alone at home. I opened the sliding doors of my terrace to let the cold wind come in. The cold waves just rushed to my house... rushing through my hairs and gave  me a cold shiver making me realize they were really cold. But I still decided to keep the door open so that i can enjoy the cold waves on my skin. I just sat on my couch looking out side. The water filled clouds had occupied the sky leaving no space of the sun rays to reach the earth. I folded my knees towards myself and continued watching out as the time passed I realized that its showering heavily.There was a sadness in me as something had gone wrong this morning, I was low,alone but quiet.

I was feeling as if god is sending a message to me with the heavy showers saying Shruti don't be upset I am there with you for you always. The every drop falling on my terrace was asking me to smile and inviting me to come and join them in their dance. I wish I could join the rain. But I decided to sit on my couch and watch the rain drops dancing all around. As the time passed the rains got heavier and heavier and I continued watching them.

The rain drops painted the  door of my terrace leaving their foot prints behind saying me though we are going but you still have to smile, you till have to cherish your life. So what you have fallen we are here make you stand , but we cant make walk and run. That you have to try on your own. I replied them Yes I will.

Suddenly it started raining heavily again. As if God has opened its shower tap and is showering its blessings on me but with a mix of light in it. This rains filled the brightness in my soul which was sitting somewhere in dark. I just asked hey come out lets sit in light and sip tea together.

 Some thoughts clicked into my mind.

  • The life is so beautiful we have only one why don't we live it happily.
  • Yes, we do mistakes and we fail that doesn't mean that we cant stand up again.
  • Family.. friends.. the issues never ends. Its better see the brighter side of everything.

For the readers:
I am not a good writer. Its just today I thought to type down my thoughts and share with you all.

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