Friday, 2 August 2013

Strings of life...!!

Strings of our life... What are they? Where are they?

We can attach them with our parents? We can relate them with our friends? We can join them with daily activities? We can recognize every string of our life with a sun rise?

What are the strings of the life exactly?

The answer to me is unknown. Sitting on my window with  cup of tea and feeling the fresh air of the morning this question came up to my mind. I realized that I am clueless about the answer to the question. Then calmness in me answered the question :

The answer was:

The string of life is having a cup of tea with mum in the morning.
The string of life sharing bed with your brother and bearing his snores all night.
The string of life sending stupid jokes to friends.
The string of life calling up papa and asking him how was your day?
The string of life cursing the college all the time to make our lives so irritating.
The string of life stepping out of the house look at the sky and say "HERE I AM".

In short, every single event of our life is the string of our life. In fact there are many strings in our lives. They just get combine together and make our life rhythmic. And the rhythm of our life is to dance with its notes, enjoy the up notes and down notes.