Thursday, 21 November 2013

The World of Education

Walking on streets when I see kids working on the construction sites, collecting articles from Garbage, begging at the food joints especially, it really hurts me. Even after 6 decades of Independence we could not do anything for such kind kids for whom education is luxury, an expense which is  not affordable or  a liability. That's true that there are many NGOs and Government schemes to help these kids, but till what extent are they successful. Still there are lac's  of kids around us who feel helpless when they come to an age of going to schools.. colleges etc. Certainly, the free school schemes of government has made many kids to walk towards the schools, and the free meal has made parents to send their children to school. But, what about the quality of education they gain over there and what about after they finish their school.

Few years back, the maids of my society used to send their kids to my home, so that I could help their children to study because their children always complained that they didn't understand anything whatever was taught to them. I tried my level best to help, but unfortunately I could not continue teaching them and asked the retired citizens of my society to help them out. Today, those kids are doing well. But just imagine how many poor mothers actually  take initiative to know that the what kind of education their children are getting. They are nearly completely unaware about what ever their kids are taught. One of the basic reason is, they themselves are uneducated and illiterate. 

If we look around us, we will find that education is becoming expensive. Today, parents have to adjust their monthly budget so that they can pay their child's fees. Not only the school fees but also tuition fees and the story doesn't end here,they  have to also pay the fees for the extra curricular activities. The next question in the parent's mind is what will happen when my kid will be in college? Shall I start saving from now itself? Shall make few investment so that I can pay my child's college fees?

The biggest question is WHY?? Education is FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT of every Indian Citizen irrespective of being rich or poor.. irrespective of child being born in high-fi family or a low-fi family. 

There are few suggestions in my mind, which i would like to share through my blog. Well I don't know till what extent they can be implemented but yes they can be tried at least once.
  • Start helping the kids near by. Talk to the maids in your society ask them to send their kids to you thrice a week and teach them the basics.
  • Make groups of interested friends ask them to take out 2-3 hours on their Saturdays, go to the nearby slum areas collect kids play with them and try to help them out.
  • I belong to world where I have software people around me, we can establish  small lab with 1 projector, 1CPU and internet connection through video conferencing help the kids around.
  • It is very important to educate the lady of the family. Most of us stay in Co-operative society. Usually every society has small hall or an open area where people can gather together. We can request the manager of the society and conduct weekly sessions for the maids and security guards of the society and even ask them to get their friends along with them.
There is a saying "If we give a bit of ours to the SOCIETY.. The SOCIETY will surely give us back something".

Think over it. Can you do a bit for society and become a proud citizen of the country.

Do give it a thought after reading my blog. Your feedback is always welcomed.

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  1. Hi Shruti - this is excellent start for your blogging. The topic you have picked is very sensitive and much needed to be addressed by all of us in the society.

    Very thought provoking I would say.